Fleetwood Windows & Doors is continually making efforts to be “Green Friendly” and currently leads the fenestration market with the Greenest multi-slide and sliding pocket doors in the United States. Our aluminum products are manufactured using recycled aluminum and glass and offered in inert coatings and finishes. To further promote global sensitivity, 100% of our aluminum scrap is recycled.

The market is rife with products and companies that claim some measure of sustainability. But when the topic is windows and doors, there are none that compare with Fleetwood.

Fleetwood Windows

Photo by – Jonathan Prewitt

Fleetwood Windows

Photo by – Roehner + Ryan

Not Profit Driven

Fleetwood is one of the few remaining family owned and operated window and door manufacturers in the USA. The company is committed to building a brand and a product line that will last for decades, rather than seeking short-term profits.

Modern Design Integrity

  • Big products for a big view. Glass offerings up to 120 square feet.

  • Linear, firm extrusion lines compared to soft, round edges.

  • Thicker glass and aluminum. 


Our design and manufacturing philosophy is uniquely Fleetwood. Others make good products, but we purpose to manufacture products with quality similar to fine furniture.

Stunning Sizes

  • Casements 24 sq ft

  • Sliding door panels 12′ wide or 20′ tall

  • Hinged door panels 5′ wide or 12′ tall

  • Pivot doors 10′ wide or 15′ tall

  • Folding doors 12′ tall

  • Fixed window walls 30′ x 30′

Fleetwood Windows

Photo by – Roehner + Ryan